we are family

Day by day continuing with one mind in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they were taking their meals together with gladness and sincerity of heart, – Acts 2:46

Humans have lost the comfort and gift of Belonging.  

But we’re here to remind you of God’s way which is to Love.

Like Family. 

Here at Belfountain Village Church, it’s what we do best.

Family & Food!

( We don’t like to brag because we’re a church, but honestly…this is our specialty! ) 

Check out what we have planned for you. 

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Sunday Service & Fellowship. 

Sundays – 11am onwards

Every Sunday after the morning service, we get to hang out in the back of the church and catch up with friends. It’s a relaxed time with coffee,  homemade goodies and treats for every one to dig into. You can stay for 15 minutes or an hour. But be sure to drop in so we can give you a hug and send you on your way. 

Alpha nights & Dinner
Wednesdays 6pm- 8pm
This Alpha course is one of the most popular ways for Christians to connect. This video course and its popularity have spread worldwide and has helped Christianity grow. In our meeting at the church ,  you get to enjoy a home cooked meal, enjoy the course together and discuss its contents. Come connect with Jesus and learn how to apply the Bible to your every day life. 

Bridgemen’s Breakfast
Every month, the gentlemen of the church pick a great place around town to have brekkie and commune. This is fellowship at its finest. 
Every third Sunday of the month at 9 am. 
Check out our Pastor’s Fred Bits for more.

Ladies Breakfast
And while the men meet across town, the women of the church gather at the same time to commune and have their breakfast together. 
You’re welcome to join us!
Every third Sunday of the month at 9 am

Belfountain Village Church - Special Events

Special events

Candlelight service
December 23 at 7:30pm .
Every year with candles burning, we attend service, sing old fashioned christmas carols and retell the story of the birth of Jesus with members of the church reenacting the Nativity Scene. 
We then have a gathering with food, fun and fellowship afterwards.

Belfountain Village Church - Candlelight Service

The Nativity Scene reenacted at our Candlelight Service. 

Anniversary Sunday
This is usually the 3rd Sunday in September. Most of the time it’s a normal service but you can be sure there is lots of food after.

Annual Picnic
Typically the Last Sunday in June. You guessed it- more food in the back and in the parking lot after the service.

Belfountain Village Church - Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner
Usually the first Saturday evening in December we gather again for a full Christmas dinner – mostly potluck. We have some fun with ad lib talent presentations, and sing some Christmas songs

Belfountain Village Church - AA Meetings

AA Meetings
The church hosts AA meetings every friday for the community. If you know of anyone or would like to participate, contact our Pastor or simply come on in. The meetings are held at 8pm. 

Have a question? Need to get in touch? Contact our Pastor HERE.

Belfountain Village Church * 17258 Old Main St, * Belfountain, ON L7K 0E6

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