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Sunday Service

What does it mean to live in Truth. In Love and in Peace?
How do we rise above the challenges of life and learn to surrender? 
Why is it so hard to trust God?
These are some of the questions that burden our hearts in today’s world. 
But they need not remain unanswered. 

Come join us for our inspiring Sunday Service, starting at 9:30 am.


Prayer Time 9:30 am
Service    10 am

Belfountain Village Church - Pastor Fred & Judee

Pastor Fred & Judee

Not your typical team!

Pastor Fred and Judee’s warmth and service for the Lord are evident in all that they do, not only during church hours but absolutely any time someone is in need and shows up at their door. But it’s their weekly worship and service that we all look forward to. 

Here’s what a typical Sunday Service looks like. 

Praise & Worship (through Music)
We start the morning service off with a friendly welcome and worship. Pastor Judee leads us on the piano as we enthusiatically sing a mixture of traditional hymns and modern Christian songs.

Prayer Time
We take the time to share with our fellow church goers any challenges we may be having or any difficulties that our loved ones are going through so that we can all pray together for God’s help.
( More on our Commitment to Prayer HERE. ) 

Sermon Time
Often this topic will relate to what may be happening in our world or at this time of the year. Different issues are addressed that help us in our practical lives, and all of it is understood with wisdom from the Holy Bible. As we understand the word of God, we sing praise with Pastor Judee leading us in worship.

With our hearts filled, we are ready to join the community for treats & coffee that are offered after service. This gives us all chance to connect with old friends and welcome new ones. 
(More on Fellowship HERE.)

Belfountain Village Church - Our Pastors
Belfountain Village Church Pastors
Belfountain Village Church - Pastors and Staff



Fred has a business back ground of 40+ years, 20 years of which owning his own management consulting company for a client base in various industries across North America and different parts of the world. Combined with his involvement in churches since 1981 at different levels he answered the call to be a pastor in 2015.
He is strongly supported by his wife


Belfountain Village Church - Pastor Fred

Why would a successful businessman switch gears and be a pastor at the age of 65?
“God and I have an agreement. God is God and I am not. It took me 14 years in banking, 12 years in the printing industry and 20 years consulting to receive the call to be a pastor. I guess I am a slow learner or a poor listener. At any rate I am where I belong and that is telling people about Jesus in a world that needs to know Jesus. The only thing that is important about my background is that Jesus loves me and I want everyone else to know that He loves them too. My 40 + years in business and 50 years in Judo, as rewarding and fun filled as they were, are not as exciting as what I am doing now.
Business people, workers of all types, athletes, entertainers – it’s time for you to start thinking. Your work, your family, your hobbies, your fun are all great. But in the end they are gone. Yes you will leave some great memories and even a financial inheritance for someone. Then what? Where will you go?
God has a plan for you and it does include your life on earth, but he has something bigger than that in store for you. Believe me, however successful you are in whatever you are doing, you are nowhere near the potential you have with Jesus in your life.
Come check us out and we’ll tell you more about it.”


Belfountain Village Church - Worship Pastor Judee

Pastor Judee, a former teacher, who leads the worship music and keeps Fred on his toes. They are both committed to sharing God’s love in practical and meaningful ways.

“Ours is a church with a family feel and down to earth people. Our only agenda is to Follow Jesus. 
We are not perfect but we want to be. We are all growing together at different rates and different levels. What unites us is our belief that Jesus is God. Christ accepts us for who we are but loves us too much to leave us that way.
Bring it on God, change us!  “

Fred and Judee are dedicated to leading people to Christ and enabling them to grow in Christ.


Our church also has a group of Elders that serve to guide us in the ways of God. These are wonderfully warm and compassionate people that are more than just visitors at this time, they are family.

Belfountain Village Church - Sunday school


Sue is our Sunday School teacher. She’s just the best. She helps our little kiddies build beautiful memories of their time in Sunday School. 
As an artist and a lover of God, Sue is so warm, supportive and enthusiastic. She gets very creative with children so they can play and learn at the same time. She just loves these little guys. Kids come to church with their parents and just about 20 minutes in they leave with Sue and her helpers for a fun filled time with crafts & Christ. 

communion sundays

Belfountain Village Church - Communion Sundays

What is communion?

The word “communion” is defined as the act of sharing, or holding in common; 
For Christians, this word goes much deeper. 
It is a time in church when we remember the sacrifice Jesus made for all of us and His instructions during Last Supper to help us always remember Him. 

Jesus took bread, and  blessing it broke it and gave it to the disciples, and said, “Take, eat; this is my body.” 
– Matthew 26:26- 29

Communion Sundays are deeply symbolic as we take the body ( Bread ) and blood 
(Wine) of Christ and stay close to Him in our hearts. 

Communion Sundays are the first Sunday of every month. 


Belfountain Village Church - Baptism

Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me.
                                                                                   – Psalm 51:10

There comes a time in all of our lives where we realize the ways of the world don’t work.
That everything we believed in and thought we were – doesn’t feel true anymore. 
Making the choice to place our complete trust in God is one of the most spiritually rich experiences we can have in our lives. 

And that’s what a Baptism is.

It is an outward testimony of an inner transformation.

In the Christian faith, this means participating in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

If you would like to be Baptized, speak to one of our pastors or please contact us and we will arrange to perform your Baptism at church on a special Sunday. 

Contact us

Belfountain Village Church * 17258 Old Main St, * Belfountain, ON L7K 0E6

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